May. 15, 2016

In the Irish Heat

Pregnant alpacas nearing their due date are much like pregnant humans on warm sunny days. Today was one such day. Apollo, who is due on 23rd May was showing all the strains a pregnant woman would in the heat. She was a little uncomfortable, lethargic and possibly hoping the whole affair would soon be over. However, she doesn't seem to be showing any signs of givinbg birth just yet. 

The four of us brought the alpacas up to their shelter for a time late this afternoon and we talked to them, rubbed them down and generally tried to make them feel more at ease. The pregnant ladies seemed to enjoy the attention and when we left them, they just stood there watching us as if to ask where we were going. At feeding time they flew down and ate all the food on offer.

Time is getting short and so are the nerves while the excitement grows. We await our first cria at Hilltop Farm.