Jun. 1, 2016

The Special One?

At 21:15 on Sunday 29th May, Brosnan was born. The birth itself was fine, except that alpacas normally give birth between 12 midday and sometime in the mid-afternoon. One of the signs of an on-coming birth is that the pregnant alpaca will not eat or will eat very little. Our wonder-lady eat her normal portion of nuts and chomped away at the grass. She did seem out of sorts and even to us as first-timers and Catrions was expecting an out of the ordinary time birth. At nine o'clock I went up to the field to see how the mother-to-be was, and I noticed she was straining in the middle of the field and I knew what was happening...Catriona and the girls came up and we all witnessed the birth of Brosnan, a 9kg whopper. The picture here shows him a few moments after his entry into our world. Two days on and he is running, jogging and walking around beside his proud mother. 

I have to thank Paul McDonnell from Hushabye Farm who talked me through the important parts of the birth and made it much easier for me. But even he was caught by thge timing of the birth.

Visitors have come to se him and he is loving the attention. He is a gorgeous rose-grey colour which he gets from his grand-mother. 

Now we are waiting for our second lady to prodece. She is due thirteen days from today. The excitement here is still on high.

I'll keep you updated.