Jun. 6, 2016

New Kid On The Block

Eight days on from his birth and Bronson is thriving. Alpacas feed their young themselves. Bronson's mother is very protective of him, but his noseyness cannot keep him away from us. He comes over to sniff us and we sometimes bring him, his mother (Apollo) and Astra (our lady in waiting) into their shelter and rub them down and talk to them. Generally they like the attention.

On his birth, Bronson was 9.5kg in weight and eight days on he has weighed in at 12kg. You can almost see him growing day by day. The photo attached to this piece was taken today 6th June. Its hard to believe that he is as young as he is.

At the moment he is copying everything his mother does. And even though he is unable to digest food yet, he is trying to eat grass just to be like Apollo. 

You could spend any amount of time watching them out in their paddock and its amazing what you can learn just by observing these docile animals.