Sep. 28, 2016

By Their Nails

Believe it or not but alpaca toenails have to be trimmed every three months or thereabouts. Our two ladies - Apollo and Astra - were last treated in June when they were shorn. So, last week we all took part in their pedicure. We use a shears that looks something like the tool used to trim plants in your garden.

It's amazing how different the attitudes of two similar animals can be. Apollo allowed her nails to be cut without much trouble. However Astra did all in her power to stop us from doing it. But the job was done. Next appointment is for early December.

The two crias are thriving and have grown so fast. Although they were born on 29th May and 23rd June respectively, they look much older especially Bronson who is almost the height of his mother. Blanchet is catching up on him but she will always be smaller because males are always larger.

Until next time.