Nov. 28, 2016

And so it happened

I was like a little child at Christmas today when I got home from work to see the balls of wool. Yes, my alpaca fleece has now been processed and has, as if by magic, been turned into wool that can be used to knit or crochet something with. What was so surprising was how soft it is even though I knew it would be but I hadn't expected it to feel so smooth and silky. If you do get a chance to feel alpaca wool you will understand why it is called the 'Fleece of the Gods'.

And now the next job is to find someone to knit something and as it trurns out there are some people out there already interested in creating hats and scarves with it. I have attached a photo of two of the wool balls. In total 33 were recieved with each ball over 100 meters long, fro. There were more white than black (18 white & 13 black - from two animals) but the mill sent me back the black fleece that hadn't been used and I am planning to create a couple of cushions with it.

If anyone who reads this blog has an interest in knitting or crocheting my wool, please contact me. Next year I will have twice as much fleece and therefore in theory twice as much wool. 

Until next time,