Dec. 5, 2016

I just can't believe it!

Just this day last week (28th November) we were in receipt of our first ever deliery of processed alpaca fleece in the form of balls of wool. And just a mere week later we have our first ever produce from Hilltop Farm Alpacas, alpaca wool.

I hadn't realised the amount of heat that could be both created and maintained by such a relatively small piece and feeling it is almost incomprehensible. The wool is so soft and warm and if you were to hold the hat in your hand and close your eyes, you could imagine that you are holding a piece of magic in your hand, such is the sensation of the wool.

And to add to its magical capabilities, a person I know who is allergic to wool felt the hat on their arm and was completely at ease doing so.

It is easy to see why alpaca wool has been called the 'Fleece of the Gods'. 

The hat attached has already found a new home and I am hoping to have a few more items of clothing created from this gorgeous wool in the coming weeks and I will post up the results here. These new items will be available on our on-line shop if you would like to acquire any of them in the weeks ahead. If you prefer you can just contact me personally if you wish to avail of any of the products that appear up here.

Until later