Oct. 16, 2018

What can you do with alpacas?

That's a question we at Hilltop Farm Alpacas are asked regularly. Visitors to the farm; or even at alpaca shows want to know what we do with our alpacas. Is there any money to be made from them? Is another popular enquiry. For those of you who have never read any of these blogs, let me tell you that you cannot get a better animal to enjoy the company of, than an alpaca. They are extremely intelligent creatures with their own individual personalities. Unlike dogs, who are also good pets, alpacas don't bark. Unlike cats, they don't wander off and leave you. I could go on and on but I think you probably get the jist of it. These animals are welcoming, inquisitive and friendly while in most cases keeping their distance. That last part does not include our Bronson who runs to meet visitors and smells them up and sdown and has a tendency to tickle children. They are extremely good with people with many different kinds of development disorders; from autism to Downes Syndrome. It is just so heart-warming seeing alpacas interacting with visitors and seemingly being able to understand that all people are not the same - as though they can see and understand our auras.
Anyway, back to the original question. People come and take some of our alpacas for walks, making donations for being given the chance to do so. You can see the difference in the visitor's demeanours when they return from a walk. They are smiling and it seems that our alpacas have the ability to allow people to leave their problems behind them, as though they can encourage us humans to unshackle ourselves from our problem. They are good for our wellbeing.
Recently we have gone into another field. We have and will be bringing some of our alpacas to weddings and birthday parties for photo opportunities. Seeing the faces of the already happy individuals become even happiers is a great feeling. We have been to a couple of nursing homes where the majority of the residents enjoyed the company of these gorgeous and docile creatures.
So there you have it; that is a lot of what we do with our animals. Most of the people who visit us are extremely generaous and we have had some return visitors. This is what we do with our alpacas and why we have them. We are hoping to make some improvements to the farm in the coming months in the hope of creating further opportunities for Hilltop Farm Alpacas.
You should come and see the animals for yourself. Hope to see you soon.
Alan and Catriona