Mar. 23, 2019

Things are about to get busier

Hilltop Farm is busy at the best of times, but now it is about to get a little busier still. Oh yes it is. Things are happening here apace. One of our girls is due to give birth for the first time and it could happen any time from now on. It's a little unusual for a cria (baby alpaca) to be born this early in the year, but she and the male got a little frisky when we weren't expecting it. These things happen and how it came about was completely unexpected. We are on watch her all the time now to make sure everything is as it should be for the mother-to-be. but you know what they say about watched kettles.

But that's not all that's happening at Hilltop Farm. Oh no it's not. Just last week we entered into agreement with a company called Weddings Ireland who have put us on their magazine (online and hard copy versions). We already had two weddings booked for this year and the growing interest looks like that number might just increase. We were excited and delighted to have been placed on Weddings Ireland and hope we continue our good relationship with them.

And that's not all because today, we completed our Outhouse, our outdoor toilet, that works like the outhouses that were the norm in olden times in this country and possibly many others as well. All the waste deposited in the outhouse will be disposed of naturally - in keeping with the environmentally friendly alpacas. Visitors to the farm will be able to use the outdoor toilet from now on. Visitor numbers have began to increase of late so the completion of this construction couldn't have come at a better time.

But that's still not all. We are currently waiting for the delivery of a small Log Cabin which will be our tea-room and area where visitors can come in and talk about alpacas if that what takes their fancy.

Oh yes, we are stepping it up at Hilltop Farm and if you are interested in visiting us, don't forget to contact us to make your appointment. Please also see our Reservation Form on if you wish to book some of our photogenic alpacas for your wedding.

Until later

Alan and Catriona