Nov. 14, 2019

Look again and then you'll see it

Life is as much about enjoyment as anything else. No matter what you do, there should be a time for fun and if you don’t have it, make a place and time for it. Just take a look around you; maybe you only see all the usual boring stuff. But if you look hard enough, even just a second longer that you would normally, you will see something different. It might even be funny.

As you know, we have alpacas at Hilltop Farm and the amount of enjoyment we get out of them is sometimes taken for granted. That was until Bronson, our prize-winner decided to write his autobiography. And it’s on sale on-line and at our farm.

Ok, let me go back a little bit. I will admit it, Bronson didn’t actually write his autobiography, but he has lived a fascinating life already and he is still only three years old. What really happened was, Catriona told me I should write his story to date. I wasn’t at sure first if I could create a book worth publishing, but it wasn’t until I began the process that I realised how much he had done and how entertaining he had been. I mean, anyone who has seen him in action will know what I’m talking about.

Bronson is a doer. He is also a people person. I have seen him amusing eight children under the age of ten all by himself. He has walked with children and adults who have autism and he even made an elderly man who had been seriously impaired by a terrible stroke. It’s things like this that bring joy to people, things that we have on our doorstep (almost) that can improve someone’s mental state, even if it is for a short period of time.

Bronson’s book is currently selling and a new order has been requested to manage the interest in it. It is far greater than we had anticipated. Maybe if you are one of those people who can’t see past the mundane you should come and see our alpacas and believe me there are a few characters among them. Maybe you might even want to read Bronson’s autobiography.

Come out and see us and we we’ll tell you all you want to know and give you a little insight as to what it is like to watch graceful alpacas saunter around their paddocks as if it just what was always done. As if it just normal to see these fabulous quiet animals come and look at you and wonder who it is that is coming to see them today. And if there is any way that they can improve these people’s lives. Even if it for just a time. But the memory will last forever.