Jan. 23, 2017

End Product

No matter what your business or past-time its good to see an end product. Whether its painting, reading a book or putting together a model airplane, you will get that feeling of accomplishment when you see or just enjoy whatever it is you have done. Well, alpaca farming has a number of those moments. For example seeing you Dam give birth to a healthy Cria. That is, as you might expect, a fabulous sensation. One of the others is seeing your fleece coming back to you as balls of soft and luxurios wool and seeing them become something wearable.

I have had a number of products created by some artistic individuals and some of these products have found happy owners. These products are extremely warm and for anyone who has a problem with the itch created by sheep's wool, this will not be a problem for the wearer of alpaca wool products.

On this website you will see that we have two hats remaining - an adult sized and a child sized hat. They are made with natural alpaca wool. Both were created by locally talented people - the adult hat is crocheted and the child's hat has been knitted.

Should you wish to purchase either or both hats without wishing to pay on the site, you can contact me on the website, on Facebook or call me.

I have attached a photo of both hats.

Enjoy the hats if you decide to purchase one or both of the locally produced natural end products.