Sep. 13, 2017

What are alpacas really like?

Alpacas are social herd animals that live in family groups consisting of a territorial alpha male, females and their young. Alpacas warn the herd about intruders by making sharp, noisy inhalations that sound like a high-pitched bray. Their aggression towards members of the canid family coyotes, foxes, dogs etc. is exploited when alpacas are used as 'minders' for guarding sheep and poultry too.

But what are they really like?

These animals are so easy to handle because they are so docile. They are relatively easy to maintain. Feedstuff consists of grass, hay and a small amount of specially created pellets (which work for alpacas the way probiotic yougurts work for humans) each day. They like to drink fresh water. There are some necessary 'jobs' that need to be done especially in the autumn/winter time, but they are easy to do. If it were any other farm animal the farmer might need to call their vet. But not with alpacas.

But this still doesn't really answer the question of what they are like. It so happens that Sunday 24th September is National Alpaca Day and here on Hilltop Farm we are inviting people to come and visit us and when they are here they can bring Bronson, our well known male, for a walk. Our alpacas have been halter trained and are used to being brought for walks on a lead. Bronson loves going for strolls and you can lead him around the field on Sunday 24th if you so wish.

Come and see us and find out what alpacas are really like. Bronson, his family and friends are waiting here for you.