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Look at me. Wait, I'm off again......

Hilltop Farm was only set up September 2015 just outside Ballinagar, Co Offaly.

Myself and my wife are part-time farmers. By that I mean that we both have day jobs and Hilltop Farm is a part-time job, but it takes up so much time. But that is only because we spend so much of it with our alpacas.

As this website was being created we had two female alpacas, both weeks away from giving birth and the excitement around our house was palpabale. Our two teenage daughters were both on baby watch, too.

On 29th May our first CRIA was born - Bronson - a grey male. And almost exactly three weeks later a brown/black female wich we named Blanchett appeared. Both were born safely. Since then our herd has grown to 18 . Our farm is almost always visible from our kitchen window and so we can peer out at these docile animals any time of the day we wish, and there are days when many minutes pass with some or all of us are watching them walk, skip, run or play in their paddocks.

If you are interested in spending time outdoors while staying at home, alpaca farming is something you should consider. After a stressful day at work, there is nothing better than spending a couple of quality minutes out with our animals so that calmness can be restored.

We hope to eventually grow to approximately 14 animals and visitors are welcome at any time. So please feel free to contact us.

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